Judy and Jim Cook
— since 1968

Some people are just made to do things together, and Judy and I are living proof of that.
One of the most wonderful things we do together is travel: We love it!
We can make an event out of going to the grocery store, of course, even though I really shouldn’t act like that in public. But we love even more to jump in the car, take a plane, or do whatever we have to do to see new places, new people, and new things. For better or worse, we may have even infected our children with this desire. Time will tell.
We’ve both been a little sporadic over the years, but somewhere along the way we started keeping journals of our travels, and like the true pack rat I am, I’ve kept them. This web site is now a digital repository, allowing us to clean out shoe boxes of old photographs and negatives, and throw away a lot of small notebooks of every variety.
So long as we’re doing this, we’re also writing up new visits the same way, so the shelves will remain uncluttered as we enter our twilight years. Whenever that may be. On the other hand, we could just leave those boxes and notebooks where they are. We won’t have to deal with them after we’re gone! 😉
If you want to know where we went, or see what we saw, make a choice from the menu items above and go along with us!

If you wonder why there are two Facebook links, look at the colors. We don’t have a joint Facebook page.